Responsibility at Musti

We make the life of pets and their parents easier, safer and more fun.

As a forerunner in our market, we want to do it responsibly. For us, this means putting the welfare of pets and people first, having high standards for quality, safety and expertise, as well as always looking into more sustainable ways to develop our business.

Responsibility reporting

Musti Group has published a Non-Financial Information Report for the financial year 2023.

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Stories about responsibility

Come as you are – Musti embraces employee diversity

Musti regularly monitors equality and diversity within the organization. Musti’s Fairness Index results show that employees feel like they can be themselves around their colleagues, which results the unique Musti feeling.

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"Musti Office goes stores" strengthens Musti’s pack

As an employer, Musti wants to take good care of its pack. Our employee well-being is reflected in high employee satisfaction levels, and we do our best to make sure that all employees feel like they belong to the Musti pack. In 2023, Musti’s office employees in Finland got a chance to work at Musti’s stores.

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Welfare for pets and their parents – 6 takeaways from Musti Group’s sustainability work in 2023

Musti Group has published its Annual Report and Non-Financial Information Report, which summarizes the progress of Musti’s sustainability work.

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Premium Pet Food factory brings a new level to sustainable pet food production

Reducing environmental impacts is at the core of Musti’s sustainability approach. Locally and sustainably produced pet food is important for many pet parents, and Musti has been happy to respond to the demand.

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Sustainability throughout the supply chain

Sustainability lies at the core of everything we do at Musti. Our supply chain plays a pivotal role in Musti’s sustainability efforts, as we continuously enhance and develop it in collaboration with our suppliers.

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Pawternity leave – a jumpstart for pet parenthood

The first days with a new pet are memorable and special.  Musti wants to ensure that all its employees in Finland, Sweden and Norway have a chance to create a strong bond with their new pets and offers the possibility for a 3-day paid Pawternity leave.

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Feel Active takes dogs and their parents sustainably outdoors

Reducing environmental impacts is one of the basic principles that guides everything we do at Musti. We want to make sure that our products are high-quality and have a long life cycle. High-quality Feel Active products make outdoor activities safe and fun in every season.

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Lend a helping paw – Musti is working for the common good

One of our core values is working for the common good. Together with several associations and organizations across the Nordics, we work for a more animal-friendly future.

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Paw in paw: More support for rescue pet parents

Musti believes in working for the common good, and our goal is to offer reliable and topical advice – every day. When pet parents decide to adopt a homeless pet, Musti wants to be there to support the whole family.

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Pawcademy: training our pack of Musti experts

Musti Group has over a thousand pet experts across the Nordic countries putting their heart into their work. We all care deeply for animals – but the well-being and development of our own pack are also top priorities for us. Musti Pawcademy is our framework for doing just this.

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Smaak – cat range delicacies

Musti puts the welfare of pets and their parents first. Our mission is to help pet parents to take care of all their pet’s needs – in a sustainable way. Therefore, we are happy to introduce a new addition to our delicious Smaak product line: dry and wet cat foods.

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Live lectures with our experts connect pet parents with pet experts

Musti is all about supporting the well-being of pets and their parents. Musti’s new Live lectures bring true experts in specific pet care field close to our customers, no matter where they are.

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Pets in the office: a win-win-win policy

At Musti Group, pets are our passion. It’s not enough that our employees are happy with their workplace, their pets should be too. For us, being a pet-friendly company means, for example, that pets are welcome in all our offices and stores.

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Resploot for play and sleep with good conscience

Musti wants it to be easy for pets and their parents to make sustainable choices. An important element in this ambition is a brand called RESPLOOT® that offers a selection of pet beds and toys made of recycled PET bottles.

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Smaak – no nonsense local food for dogs

An increasing number of pet parents appreciate dog food that is locally produced and has a low carbon pawprint. We now proudly present Smaak – a no nonsense local food with transparent supply chain and low carbon production!

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Together against puppy mills

To help future pet parents, we have gathered five tips to avoid puppy mills together with Finland’s busiest online marketplace

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Supporting the Swedish Animal Ambulance together with our clients

We are proud to support an amazing organization in Sweden helping pets and their parents in difficult situations.

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Our own pack at Musti works diligently on responsibility together with our partners and customers.

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