Initial Public Offering

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The Initial Public Offering of Musti Group Plc (“Musti” or “the Company”) was oversubscribed and the listing was completed as planned.

The final subscription price per offer share is EUR 8.75 per share in the Institutional Offering and the Public Offering, and 10 per cent lower in the Personnel Offering (as defined below) being EUR 7.88 per share, which in total corresponds to a market capitalization of the Company of approximately EUR 293 million immediately following the Offering.

Demand in the Offering was strong from both Finnish and international investors and the Offering was multiple times oversubscribed.

As part of the Offering, Musti will issue 5,159,672 new shares in the Company, corresponding to approximately 15.4 percent of the total number of outstanding shares after the Offering. In addition, EQT and certain other existing shareholders of the Company will sell 12,949,476 existing shares.

19,656,401 offer shares will be allocated to institutional investors in Finland and internationally, assuming full exercise of the over-allotment option, and 1,000,000 offer shares will be allocated to private individuals and entities in Finland. In addition, 169,119 offer shares will be allocated to the parties entitled to subscribe in the Personnel Offering.

The Company will receive gross proceeds of approximately EUR 45 million from the Offering and the  EQT and certain other existing shareholders of the Company will receive gross proceeds of approximately EUR 137 million assuming full exercise of the over-allotment option. The total number of outstanding shares in the Company increased to 33,535,453 shares. The number of shareholders after the Offering will increase to more than 4,000 shareholders.

Important dates

3 February 2020The Finnish Prospectus published
3 February 2020 The subscription periods for the Public Offering, the Personnel Offering and the Institutional Offering commenced
10 February 2020The subscription periods of Public Offering and Personnel Offering ended
11 February 2020 The subscription period for the Institutional Offering ended
12 February 2020 The final number of shares offered in the initial public offering and the final subscription price were announced
13 February 2020Trading in the Musti shares on the prelist of Nasdaq Helsinki commenced
17 February 2020 Trading in the Shares on the official list of Helsinki Stock Exchange commenced

Musti in brief

Musti Group is the leading Nordic pet care company that operates an omnichannel business model to cater for the needs of pets and their parents across Finland, Sweden and Norway.[1] The company had 277 stores as at 30 September 2019 (including own and franchise stores) and 20.7 percent of its net sales were generated through its online channel for the financial year 2019. The company offers a wide, curated assortment of pet products in both food and non-food categories, and has a broad range of own and exclusive as well as third-party brands. The company also provides pet care services such as grooming, training and veterinary services in selected locations across the Nordic countries.

The company’s concept has a strong “Pet Parent” -oriented customer focus and is built around trust and the expert advice offered by Musti’s store personnel. The company has a popular loyalty club through which members receive targeted communication and special offers as well as gain access to their dedicated online account. The Loyalty Club had over a million loyal customers[2] as of 30 September 2019. Musti reported net sales of EUR 246.6 million, adjusted EBITA of EUR 21.9 million and operating profit of EUR 12.5 million for the financial year 2019, corresponding to an adjusted EBITA margin of 8.9 percent and an operating profit margin of 5.1 percent.


A recording of Musti’s company presentation event (webcast)


February 21, 2020 Exercise of over-allotment option in relation to the IPO of Musti Group Plc and termination of the stabilization period

February 18, 2020 Musti Group Plc’s ten largest shareholders after the completion of the Initial Public Offering

February 12, 2020 The initial public offering of Musti Group Plc has been successfully completed and the final subscription price is EUR 8.75 per share

February 11, 2020 Musti Group Plc: The institutional offering has been oversubscribed and the subscription period ended; trading on the prelist of Nasdaq Helsinki is expected to commence on 13 February 2020

February 10, 2020 Public offering and personnel offering of Musti Group have been oversubscribed and the subscription periods ended; the shares issued in Musti’s share issue without payment entered in trade register

February 7, 2020 Musti Group Plc has decided on a directed share issue without consideration as part of the execution of its listing

January 31, 2020 Musti Group announces the preliminary price range for its planned IPO; Musti Group has submitted the listing application in order to list its Shares on the Official List of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd

January 20, 2020 Musti Group Holding Oy is planning an initial public offering and a listing on Nasdaq Helsinki

[1] Measured by market share for Nordic pet food and products in 2018, which was 22 percent based on Musti’s consumer sales for the financial year ended 30 September 2019.

[2] Loyal Customers are customers who have signed up for the Loyalty Club and have purchased from the company in the last 12 months.

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