Come as you are – Musti embraces employee diversity

As an employer, Musti wants to take good care of its pack. It is important for us that all our employees feel like they can be who they are at work and that work is joyful. Equality and diversity are important values for us, and we work constantly to improve the well-being of all our employees.

Being the most desirable and appealing employer is crucial for Musti. Musti’s employees interact with customers, pets and their parents daily. Employee well-being is essential for a successful customer experience.

Diversity brings opportunities

Musti regularly monitors equality and diversity within the organization. We carry out an annual employee survey, Musti View, to gain a better understanding of the well-being, opportunities and skills development of Musti’s employees as well as experiences of fairness and respect.

Musti also runs a pulse survey, eNPS, several times per year.

“The latest Musti View showed very good results in employee well-being and safety at work, and we are very happy about that. However, we are always seeking ways to improve well-being and increase diversity,” says Nanna Martin-Löf, the Head of Human Resources.

Musti encourages all members of the pack to seek new opportunities at all organizational levels. Among Musti’s employees, the diversity of age distribution is considered in work management, such as in organizing work shifts. For many, Musti is their first job, but there is also a large number of experienced members in the pack.

“We focus on individualized leadership. We aim to take into account the individual needs and goals that our employees have at work and in life. We have zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination,” says Heidi Rantakallio, who works as an Area Sales Manager at Musti ja Mirri.

Diverse backgrounds enrich the company culture

Musti’s Fairness Index results show that employees feel like they can be themselves around their colleagues, which results the unique Musti feeling. Embracing diversity is cherished at all Musti’s entities (stores, offices, warehouse, factory) and in daily customer interaction.

“Diversity benefits Musti greatly. Colleagues with different backgrounds and expertise enrich the work environment, and you can learn a lot from others. Diversity also benefits our customers, and we do our best to take diversity aspects into account, for example, in our recruitment processes in Musti’s stores, Musti’s office, warehouse and factory,” continues Nanna Martin-Löf.

Musti ranked well in the Nordic Business Diversity Index

Diversity is also reflected in our management and reporting. A half of the members of Group Management Team are women. In 2023, the Nordic Business Diversity Index ranked Musti Group the second-best performing company among Mid Cap companies in Finland. The Nordic Business Diversity Index assesses and scores publicly reported diversity aspects by examining different variables: gender, age, nationality and education.

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