We currently operate approximately 280 shops in three different countries, and our team of employees consists of approximately 1300 passionate pet professionals working in the Nordic countries. Our head office is located in Helsinki, Finland. Musti Group is owned by the investment firm EQT. 

We serve our Nordic customers in all channels through store chains Musti ja Mirri, Musti, Arken Zoo and Djurmagazinet, and through pureplay online retail brands such as Vetzoo, Animail and Peten Koiratarvike.

And since we have promised to make the lives of pet owners even easier, we also provide a vast selection of pet care services in adjoining facilities in many of our brick and mortar pet centers.

Our story in brief

The history of Musti Group stretches back to 1988, when the first Musti ja Mirri pet supply shop was opened in Tampere, Finland by dedicated dog enthusiast and award-winning dog breeder Matti Varpula.

Right from the start, the chain’s greatest strength was, and still is, its staff, who are thoroughly familiar with their four-legged clients: nearly all of our employees are genuine pet enthusiasts themselves, from the tips of their noses to the ends of their tails. This is easy to see not only in our professional service, but in our inspiring range of products and services as well.

In fact, our excellent service and diverse range of products are precisely the reasons why Musti ja Mirri has grown into the success story it is today. By 2010, the chain had already grown into a phenomenon that also piqued the interest of venture capitalists. It wasn’t long until the chain was sold, allowing the development of its strengths to continue in good paws.

In 2012 it was time to start sniffing out new opportunities, and soon the decision was made to expand operations to Sweden. Our conquest of the west began with the acquisition of the Grizzly Zoo pet supply chain, and continued just a few years later with the acquisition of the Arken Zoo and Djurmagazinet chains. In autumn 2016, our territory also expanded to Norway, with the opening of the first Musti shops.

Although our history already stretches back nearly thirty years, Musti Group itself is still hardly more than a pup. The group was established in the autumn of 2016, when we decided to gather all our operations under a single group. The result was the birth of Musti Group, the largest trusted partner of all Nordic pet lovers.


2018 Great Place to Work Finland

Large workplaces: Musti ja Mirri, #4.

2017 Great Place to Work Finland

Large workplaces: Musti ja Mirri, #2.

2016 Great Place to Work Finland

Large workplaces: Musti ja Mirri, #1.

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Working at Musti

In Musti Group you get to do unconventional tasks, things you’ve never done before and take responsibility beyond your own area of responsibility.