Supporting the Swedish Animal Ambulance together with our clients

What to do if your pet suddenly gets sick or you find an injured animal on the side of the road and there is no car available? As many of us at Musti are pet parents ourselves, we know how tough it is when your pet isn’t feeling well. Getting help for them as fast as possible is a top priority.

We are proud to support an amazing organization in Sweden helping pets and their parents in these difficult situations. The Swedish Animal Ambulance offers safe and professional transport to the veterinarian for animals and pet parents who need help.

By calling the Swedish Animal Ambulance’s emergency number 0771–999 112 the call will be directed to the driver who is on duty. The ambulances are driven by volunteers. Every year, they respond to more than 3,000 emergencies. Using the Swedish Animal Ambulance is always free of charge.

Help the ambulance’s important work with a small donation

Our customers in Sweden can support the Swedish Animal Ambulance by donating in connection with a purchase at The donation will go in full to support their volunteering activities to help animals get the care they need.

The organization was founded in 2008 in Gothenburg and has been in Stockholm since 2011. The association’s goal is to be able to offer ambulance services more widely in Sweden.

 “For us at, it was an obvious choice to also give our customers the opportunity to support the Swedish Animal Ambulance an organization that loves animals as much as we do. Their help is worth gold for pets and pet parents in difficult situations. Thank you for your fantastic work!” says Sarah Gustafsson, E-commerce Manager,

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