The operations of Musti Group are based on ethics, integrity, transparency and sustainability, as well as compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The Group utilises a Whistleblowing reporting channel aiming to support compliance with laws and Musti Group’s internal guidelines, policies and values. Employees and other stakeholders may report suspected misconduct or non-compliance with corporate policies according to the whistleblowing procedure.

How can I submit a Whistleblowing report?

You can submit a whistleblowing report in your own name or anonymously in English, Finnish, Swedish or Norwegian. Musti Group’s stakeholders such as employees, customers, suppliers and other partners can report their suspicions:

1) to the HR Director or CFO in a way the whistleblower considers appropriate;

2) by sending email to codeofconduct@mustigroup.com.

Describe in your own words your suspicions and the circumstances leading to them. You can email your report anonymously by using an email address that does not disclose the sender’s identity. In order to process an anonymous report appropriately, the report needs to describe the suspected infringement and the whistleblower’s basis for the suspicion and/or details of it.

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