Whistleblowing at Musti Group

The operations of Musti Group are based on ethics, integrity, transparency and sustainability, as well as compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The Group utilizes a Whistleblowing reporting channel aiming to support compliance with laws and Musti Group’s internal guidelines, policies and values.

Musti Groups stakeholders like employees, customers, suppliers or other partners may report suspected misconduct or non-compliance with corporate policies according to the whistleblowing procedure. All reports made via tool are handled anonymously and are protected by the Whistleblowing Directive.

How can I submit a Whistleblowing report?

1.Whistleblowing tool can be found from https://whistleblowermustijamirri.efectecloud.com/

2. Log in to the tool, using the random username and password that the tool generates to you

-COPY THESE TO YOURSELF so you can follow up the progress of your report

-Do NOT give your personal information in the tool

3. Follow instructions in the tool and give information about the suspected misconduct or non-compliance with corporate policies.

4. In the report, whistleblower describes in his/her own words about their suspicions and the circumstances leading to them.

-The report needs to describe the suspected infringement and the whistleblower’s basis for the suspicion and/or details of it.

5. Follow up the progress of your case by logging into the tool using the random username and password

Remember: Please do not enter any personal information or information that would give the identity of the reporter away. Let’s keep this confidential and anonymous.

If this report concerns an issue that must be reported to supervisory authorities for legal reasons, then these actions will be taken care of by Musti Group.

The anonymous user identity will be removed after 3 months after the closing of the processing, after which you cannot follow up the case online. This report will be however stored for a longer period according to the corresponding legislative requirements.

How a Whistleblowing report in handled?

All reported information is confidentially handled by a whistleblowing team.

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