Management Team

The management team supports the CEO in the daily management of the company’s operations. The CEO is responsible for the supervision and control of the company’s day-to-day operations in accordance with the Finnish Companies Act and authorisations and guidelines issued by the Board of Directors.

David Rönnberg

Chief Executive Officer

Born 1977

David Rönnberg has acted as company’s Chief Executive Officer since 2017. Mr. Rönnberg is also the Chairman of the Board of Stapp Holding AB and CaMa Intressenter. Mr. Rönnberg is also a board member in Rönnberg Consulting AB and Caroline Rönnberg Design AB. Previously Mr. Rönnberg has acted as a CEO for INDISKA, Internetstores Nordic and Bringwell. Mr. Rönnberg holds a Master’s degree in Finance from Stockholm University.

Share ownership: 685,000 shares (25 November 2021)

Toni Rannikko

Chief Financial Officer

Born 1979

Toni Rannikko has acted as Musti Group’s Chief Financial Officer since 2021. Previously Mr. Rannikko has acted as the Chief Financial Officer for Raisio Group Plc, Vice President of Finance for Kalmar Mobile Equipment and Director of Strategy at Cargotec Plc. Prior to that he has held various leadership and expert positions at Cargotec, Nokia and Nordea. Mr. Rannikko holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Turku.

Share ownership: 750 shares (16 September 2021)

Sami Tanner

Head of Strategy

Born 1981

Sami Tanner has acted has acted on the management team as the Musti Group’s Program Director from 2016 – 2018, and as Head of Strategy since 2018. Mr. Tanner is also the CEO and owner of Tanner Advisory. Previously Mr. Tanner has acted as a management consultant at Bain & Company. Mr. Tanner holds a Master’s degree in Economics (major in finance) from Helsinki School of Economics and a CEMS Master’s degree in International Management from HEC Paris/Helsinki School of Economics.

Share ownership: 6,234 shares (12 February 2021)

Timo Tervo

Country Director, Finland

Born 1982

Timo Tervo has worked as the Country Director Finland for the Musti Group since 2020. Prior to joining the Musti Group he worked for the Lidl Group in four different countries in various leadership positions covering Supply Chain, Logistics and Sales. His latest position was the Regional Director for Lidl Italy. Tervo is the owner and board member of Northeast Global Sourcing Limited (Hong Kong). Tervo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.

Share ownership: 713 shares (11 June 2021)

Daniel Petterson

Country Director, Sweden

Born 1977

Daniel Petterson has acted as Musti Group’s Country Director, Sweden since 2018. Previously Mr. Petterson has acted as Regional Manager for Coop CBS AB, Apoteket AB and Preem AB. Mr. Petterson holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Economics from University of Gävle.

Share ownership: 33,001 shares (20 September 2021)

Erik Ringen Skjærstad

Country Director, Norway

Born 1974

Erik Ringen Skjærstad has acted as Musti Group’s Country Director, Norway since 2016. Mr. Ringen Skjærstad is also a Board member of Musti Norge AS. Previously Mr. Ringen Skjærstad has acted as a partner in RetailX AS and as the Managing Partner of RetailWorks AS. Mr. Ringen Skjærstad holds a Bachelor’s degree in Organisation Psychology from University of Oslo.

Share ownership: 10,000 shares (3 September 2021)

Ellinor Persdotter Nilsson

Chief Commercial Officer

Born 1979

Ellinor Persdotter Nilsson has acted as Musti Group’s Chief Commercial Officer since 2018. Previously Ms. Nilsson has held several different positions at ICA Group, the latest being Business Area Manager. Nilsson also acts as a member of the Board in Nordic Food Group AB and Geia Foods. Ms. Nilsson holds a Master’s degree in Economics from University of Växjö.

Share ownership: 13,103 shares (26 May 2021)

Nanna Martin-Löf

Head of Human Resources

Born 1977

Nanna Martin-Löf has acted as Musti Group’s Head of Human Resources since 2018. Previously Ms. Martin-Löf has acted as the HR Manager at Arken Zoo and in two different positions at Tieto Corporation, the latest being Head of HR Operations and Manager Compensation & Benefits Scandinavia. Before this, Ms. Martin-Löf held several different positions at Elekta AB, the latest being Director, Global Human Resources & Compensation. Ms. Martin-Löf holds a Bachelor’s degree in Personnel, Work and Organisation as well as a degree in selected Law studies from University of Stockholm.

Share ownership: 3,500 shares (17 August 2021)

Malin Nygren

Chief Customer Officer

Born 1974

Malin Nygren has acted as Musti Group’s Chief Customer Officer since 2019. Previously Ms. Nygren has, inter alia, held two different positions at SAS Scandinavian Airlines, the latest being the Head of Global Customer Development and Analytics. Mrs. Nygren also acts as a Board member of Tree of Brands AB and Beauty Factory. Ms. Nygren holds a Master’s degree in Business and Economics from Stockholm University, as well as in Computer Science from Stockholm University (joint education between Stockholm University and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, with Stockholm University as the responsible institution).

Share ownership: 0 shares (17 February 2020)

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