Managers’ transactions

Musti Group’s managers (the members of the Board of Directors, the CEO and the members of the Leadership Team) and their closely associated persons referred to in the Market Abuse Regulation ((EU) No 596/2014, ”MAR”) are requested to follow the below instructions for notifying transactions.

Such notifications are to be made to Musti and the FIN-FSA promptly and no later than three (3) business days after the transaction. To ensure disclosure of transaction notification Musti Group requests that notifications are given to the company within 1-2 workdays after the transaction.

Instructions for filling the transaction notification form

1. Go to and follow the instructions on the page to log on to the online service of the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.

2. Choose “Managers’ Transactions” and fill in the form. Instructions are available at the Finnish FSA’s website Other information needed on the form is available below on this page.

3. PLEASE NOTE that before you send the online form to the Finnish FSA, you need either to copy the information on step “Summary – Show plain language summary” (remember to copy both Finnish and English summary!) or download a PDF file in order to send the required information also to Musti Group. Instructions to copy the information and download the PDF are available on the Finnish FSA’s online form.

4. Send the information on the form to Musti Group to trading(a) You may either copy the information to the email or attach it as a PDF file (see point 3. above).

Please also add your phone number to the e-mail message so that we can contact you if Musti Group has questions about the notification.

In case of any problems, please contact trading(a)  

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