Financial calendar

Upcoming events

Closed period13/10/2020–12/11/2020
Silent period13/10/2020–12/11/2020
Financial Statement Release for financial year 202012/11/2020
Financial Statements and the Board of Directors’ Report for financial year 2020, Corporate Governance Statement and the Remuneration Statement18/12/2020
Annual General Meeting21/01/ 2021
Closed period10/01/2021–09/02/2021
Silent period10/01/2021–09/02/2021
Interim Report for the period October 2020–December 202009/02/2021
Closed period04/04/2021–04/05/2021
Silent period04/04/2021–04/05/2021
Half-Year Financial Report for the period October 2020–March 202104/05/2021
Closed period11/07/2021–10/08/2021
Silent period11/07/2021–10/08/2021
Interim Report for the period October 2020–June 202110/08/2021

Past events

Interim Report 1 October 2019 – 30 June 202004/08/2020

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