The well-being and development of our pack is important to us

In addition to the well-being of pets, we are also strongly committed to investing in the well-being of our own pack. Supporting the skills and professional competence of our employees increases well-being at work, which also impacts customer satisfaction.

At Musti ja Mirri, we have systematically developed an organization-wide training system in collaboration with several different learning institutions. Since 2012, we have trained over 150 employees, who have earned a new degree through apprenticeship training. For many, Musti Group is their very first job and we want to offer everyone the opportunity to develop in their work.

In spring we celebrate our graduating employees

Our colleagues both in stores as well as in the customer service center have the option of earning a Vocational Qualification in Business and Administration while working. The program takes a year and half, and each group consists of 20−25 Musti ja Mirri employees. Each spring we celebrate one group’s graduation, and in the autumn a new group begins their studies.

For store managers, there are two different training options depending on the amount of their work experience. They can choose from Further Qualification in First-Line Management or Specialist Vocational Qualification in Business Management and Administration. For regional sales managers we offer the opportunity to earn a Specialist Vocational Qualification in Business Management.

“The initiative to become an apprentice came from my manager. It really made me feel like my employer wanted to offer me all the tools and support possible to develop myself and my competences. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, as you immediately get to put everything you’ve learned in practice,” says Janina Schiray, a regional sales manager at Musti ja Mirri.

In addition to the Business Administration, Business Management and First-Line Management qualifications, many Musti ja Mirri employees have also earned a qualification in Animal Care or received training in trimming and animal nutrition.

All programs include days that require classroom teaching, for which we pay salary as usual. We also take care of the travel and meal costs for those days.

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