High-quality, safe and tasty food for pets

For us, being responsible means having high standards for the quality and safety of our products. Every product we sell are tested either by our own expert category team or by a client panel. We collect feedback from them and act accordingly.

Food has an important role in the well-being of our pets, and we have reliable options available for every taste and nutritional need. Our broad pet food assortment includes global, own and exclusive brands which can be purchased both in our stores and online.

For our own food products, we mark country of manufacture and encourage all of our suppliers to do the same. We also strive to make sure that the products and their ingredients can be traced to their sources and that their production processes meet our standards.

About 94% of all the dry, wet and raw dog food, excluding dog treats, in our assortment is produced in Europe. About 5% is imported from Canada and the United States. Our five biggest supplier countries are: United Kingdom, Poland, France, Czech Republic and Finland.

The production sites of our own dog food products do a laboratory test to every batch, but we also perform random tests on the foods a few times per year. Our goal is to make all our active suppliers aware of the Musti Supplier Code of Conduct​, which follows the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. Our team also visits the supplier sites in Europe regularly.

More information regarding the origins of ingredients in our own products can be found on the product pages of our online store. Our staff is also happy to help with any questions.

Creating recipes together with nutritionists and pet parents

We believe that pet parents know their pets’ needs best. Because we want to answer to our customers’ and their pet’s needs, we have invested in the development of our own products, including high-quality foods.

Our pet food recipes are designed based on specific nutritional requirements of species and feedback from pet parents. The recipes are created in close collaboration with nutritionists. The ingredients and nutritional information are clearly spelled out on our own products’ labels. The manufacturers and suppliers are also carefully selected.

For example, our Maukas pet foods are made with 100% Finnish ingredients without any preservatives. Maukas pet foods are also produced in Finland with our own recipes.

Read more about our Maukas pet foods: https://www.maukas.info/fi/etusivu/

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