Memorable moments with a new puppy – while on paid pawternity leave

Those first days with a new puppy or a kitten are special. That’s when the new pet parent is creating a bond with the new family member. Puppies and kittens need support in getting to know their new home and daily routines. For example, some puppies are brave and some are shy – yet every puppy needs time and love.

To make sure that all our employees have time to get to know their precious new family members, Musti Group offers the possibility of Pawternity leave. It is a 3-day paid leave for employees who have recently become pet parents.

Pawternity leave was welcomed with joy when it was announced in 2018. Since then, many of our employees have enjoyed special moments at home with their new four-legged family members.

“Most of our employees have at least one pet at home, so it was no surprise that pawternity leave was a hit among our staff in stores and offices. We want to help our employees combine work, free time and caring for their pets in a more convenient way”, says HR Director Nanna Martin-Löf.

Pets mean the world to us and we strive to make life for pets and their parents easier, safer and more fun. Pawternity leave is just one example of how this mindset is reflected in everything we do.

Learn more about Musti Group’s Pawternity leave on our YouTube channel.

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