Lending a helping paw

Taking care of pets in need is close to our and our customers’ heart. Therefore, we want to lend a helping paw to big and small animal welfare associations doing important work across the Nordic countries. We look for ways to work together and support them with food and supplies donations.

To find out where our help is needed the most, we often turn to our local customers and employees. In our social media channels, animal lovers can let us know where food, supplies or cat litter would be needed most urgently. We also encourage our employees to keep their eyes and ears open. If they see or hear that someone needs help, our people are not afraid to act.

When our employees spotted a message in Facebook saying that a local animal care center was running out of cat litter, they set up a collection in our nearest store the same evening. The next day, tens of kilos of cat litter was delivered to the care center. A pallet of cat litter was also sent to them from our warehouse.

Combatting waste with donations

We offer a taste and satisfaction guarantee for all our dry food products. This is because we want our furry friends to find their favorite food without it being a financial burden to their parents. Due to our guarantee, dry food is sometimes returned to us.

To help other pets in need and to combat waste, we donate all returned food to animal welfare associations. This way no food goes to waste and more animals are fed.

Twice a year we have a discount sale for all unsold products. After the discount sales most of the leftover products go to charity.  

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