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Musti Group is well placed to welcome increased number of puppy customers

Musti Group plc                        Press Release          2 September 2020 at 11.30 a.m.


Musti Group is well placed to welcome increased number of puppy customers

As a result of the ongoing strong pet parenting trend strengthened by the COVID-19 period, the number of pets in Musti Group’s operating markets has been seen to grow throughout the year as a result of increased registration of puppies. The number of new puppy customers in our loyalty programs has increased by 19 % in Musti Group since the beginning of May. As puppies and kittens often require specialized food and services, with a heightened need for accessories, pet parents are highly engaged at this stage of the journey with an increased sense of novelty and heightened purchasing activity. Musti has a wide range of different initiatives, campaigns and activities planned to best serve the important phase of the puppy and kitten first year.

As part of the puppy and kitten customer journey, Musti has launched a VIP club that focuses on the puppies’ and kittens’ very important and fun first year, given them the best offers, communication and advises there is. The VIP club will be released in the Nordic markets during September-October and is a part of the existing loyalty program with the aim to attract and retain more puppies in the market.

In Finland, Musti has put a lot of effort into giving puppy owners a possibility to have dates with other puppies in the Musti ja Mirri network, an initiative that has been highly appreciated by the customers. Service concept also includes puppy training in Finland, and it will be launched also in Sweden and Norway in 2021. As an important part of the pet expertise, Musti has also re-built the puppy and kitten guides online and piloted puppy corner in stores to help the customers select good puppy products.

Musti believes that the trends driving the pet care market, such as the pet parenting megatrend and pet population growth, will remain robust also after the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been proven that historically the amount of puppy registrations has increased during economic downturns. This has been evident for example in Finland in the 1990s recession and during the financial crisis in 2008–2009.

“We have been agile and updated the concept to be ready for this unique situation. Over 90% of our staff has pets themselves and we are in a fantastic position to help the new pet parents. We warmly welcome all the new pet customers to join Musti pack and pay a lot of attention to continuous development of our services and products to even better serve our customers in the Nordics”, says CEO David Rönnberg.


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David Rönnberg, CEO


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