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Musti Group halts sales of “SMAAK Dog GF Fish” and “SMAAK Cat Adult GF Chicken” products

Musti Group plc                                         Press Release  9 November 2023 17:40 EET

Today, as a precaution, we have removed the products “SMAAK Dog GF Fish” and “SMAAK Cat Adult GF Chicken” from sale in their entirety, because of the use of potato flakes from the same foreign raw material manufacturer as in the previously withdrawn product batches. We are constantly going through messages from our customers and, as a result, are gaining a clearer picture of the situation.

We have now also received complaints about previous product batches of these two products mentioned above, and based on the precautionary principle, we want to completely remove the two products where foreign potato flakes have potentially been used.

The potato flakes in question are not used in our other products. We deeply apologize to all our customers. This is a severe situation, the kind of which should never happen.

In the future, we will check the glycoalkaloid level in the raw materials of all incoming potato batches. We will do everything we can to make sure this never happens again.

The products in question can also be returned without their original packaging or receipt. If you have purchased the products in question, we recommend that you immediately stop using the products and ask you to return the pet food to the purchasing place. If needed, we also ask that you make an official complaint directly to our customer service. 

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