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High concentration of glycoalkaloids in foreign potato flakes confirmed as the cause of pets falling ill

Musti Group plc                                                                Press release 16 November 2023 8:00

For the past two weeks, we have worked in close cooperation with the Finnish Food Authority, veterinarians, and suppliers to determine the cause of adverse reactions in pets. 
The recent externally conducted laboratory analysis has now verified that the reason for pets falling ill is the high concentration of glycoalkaloids found in the foreign potato flakes. Testing was performed on both the raw material and the food product, revealing elevated levels of glycoalkaloids in both instances. Potato is a significant part of the recipe in our “SMAAK Adult Grain-Free Fish for Dogs” product in which the glycoalkaloid level was high. We have used these potato flakes in two of our products. Last week we removed these products from sale in their entirety. 
Following a list comprised together with the Finnish Food Authority, we also conducted tests to explore potential microbiological causes of the reported symptoms. The samples returned with no signs of contamination. 
The Finnish Food Authority is continuing the official investigations, and we are actively collaborating with them until the remaining laboratory tests are completed.  
“We extend our apologies to all our customers, with a special acknowledgment to those whose pets experienced health issues. This should have never happened. We will do everything we can to restore our customers’ trust in us. This is also a wake up call to the entire pet food industry, we should all push for established feed limits in the EU together with the European Food Authorities. Only then can we make sure that this can never happen again”, says Mr. David Rönnberg, CEO of Musti Group.  
Glycoalkaloids do not have established feed limits in the EU. This is why European suppliers do not measure values for every batch. In the future, we will measure the glycoalkaloid levels in every batch at our own factory, and we have also ended our cooperation with the supplier in question. We will also reimburse our customers for the veterinary costs that have occurred as a result of this. Customers can find further instructions for seeking reimbursement on our websites.

Musti Group has delisted the sales of “SMAAK Dog GF Fish” and “SMAAK Cat Adult GF Chicken” products on November 9th 2023.

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Chief Financial Officer 

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Chief Operating Officer 
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