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Pet food availability remains good – Musti’s stores are open across the Nordics

Musti Group Plc Press Release 20 March 2020, at 10:00 a.m. EET

Pet food availability remains good in Musti Group’s stores in the Nordic countries despite the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. There have been some temporary shortages due to a spike in demand, but Musti has compensated for these by moving up store deliveries. Musti has extensive reserve stocks and it has its supply chain working full time to serve its customers timely and safely.

 “We are well equipped to take care of the needs of pets and their owners also under the current circumstances,” says David Rönnberg, CEO of Musti Group. “Our stores are open, and we pay rigorous attention to store hygiene and employee health. Customers can also make purchases online and have foods and products delivered at a store or at home. We are striving to strengthen our online capacity in order to deliver orders as fast as before.”

Under normal circumstances, approximately 80 percent of Musti’s Finnish customers and 50 percent of the Swedish customers are reached within 24 hours.

“I am extremely proud and impressed by everyone at Musti for their dedication and efforts to continue to deliver high-quality service to our two- and four-legged customers also under these exceptional circumstances,” Rönnberg says.

Musti is closely monitoring governmental instructions and restrictions related to the coronavirus epidemic. In the European countries under lockdowns, the pet stores are open along with grocery stores and pharmacies. Musti trusts that this would be the case also in the Nordic countries, should there be tighter restrictions on private businesses.

Musti Group is the leading Nordic pet care company. It has over 280 stores in the Nordic countries and it offers a wide assortment of pet foods and products also in its online stores. Musti provides pet care services such as grooming, training and veterinary services in selected locations across the Nordic countries.

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