50% less plastic bags in our Finnish stores

Combating climate change and promoting the sustainable use of materials are among the biggest topics of our time. We are continuously working together with our customers and partners to reduce our environmental impact. In 2017, we took action to reduce the consumption of plastic bags in all our stores. 

In Finland, we introduced a small charge for plastic carrier bags. The plastic bags that we do sell in Finland are made of 90% recycled plastic. We also introduced a reusable bag to our shops which is made of rPET recycled plastic. In addition, there are paper bags available for customers.

Due to these actions, the use of plastic bags in Finnish stores decreased by 50% in 2018. 

In Sweden our stores have taken the decision to quit selling plastic bags. In the future all customer bags will be paper bags, that are made in Sweden of paper from responsible sources.

 “The feedback from our customers has been positive. Our customers have even thanked us for taking action on reducing plastic bags. This shows that they care about the environment as much as we do”, rejoices Hanna Kalliomäki, Store Manager, Helsinki city center.

“We want to thank our customers for all their efforts in reducing the use of plastic bags. These choices matter and we can see their concrete impact. We look forward to continuing the great work together with pet parents”, says Juhana Lamberg, Country Manager, Finland.

Musti joined plastic carrier bag agreement in Finland

In Finland, we joined plastic carrier bag agreement that was made between the Ministry of the Environment and the Finnish Commerce Federation. The agreement strives to reduce the consumption of plastic carrier bags according to EU directive goal through voluntary action, not regulation. The goal is that by the end of 2025, the annual consumption of plastic carrier bags in Finland will be at most 40 per person.

Our almost 130 shops are proud to be part of this ambitious initiative together with some 3 600 other retail shops in Finland.

Plastic carrier bag agreement is part of Society’s Commitment that is Finland’s key instrument for implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Commitments include measurable actions taken by businesses, the public sector and private individuals. They are a concrete way to further advance sustainable development together.

Read more about our Commitment.

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