Veterinary clinic Vettris in Halmstad Sweden was named a Clinic of the Year by Svensk Djursjukvård.

Among the five finalists, Vettris got the most votes from pet owners. 

“This is truly an honor, and we have gotten so much support. Pet owners have told us that they voted for us and they even spread the word about the competition. It feels like the whole Halmstad had known about this, so many people voted. The best thing about working at a small veterinary clinic is to be able to work so closely with pet owners,” says Marie Hansson, Vettris Halmstad co-owner, clinic leader and veterinarian.

Svensk Djursjukvård is an employer and industry organization of animal health services. This is now the fourth year the Clinic of the Year prize has been handed over by the organization. At the first stage of the competition, 197 clinics were nominated, from which a jury chose the five finalists. Among the five finalists, pet owners got to vote for the winner. For Vettris Halmstad this is the first year they got through to the finals.

“The prize is a great indication that we are doing the right things and our way of working is valued. In my opinion, the personnel group is the main reason we won. We have a clear philosophy stating that we need to be considerate towards pets and their owners but also towards each other – and I think this something you can feel and see when you come to our clinic,” says Marie Hansson.