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New record with 1 million Friends of Musti

Musti customer database broke a new record in August as we welcomed our millionth active loyal customer. At the beginning of September, Musti has exactly 1 006 263 active loyal customers across the Nordics – served by stores from Bergen and Stavanger on the West coast of Norway to Joensuu in Eastern Finland, and from Tromsø in the North to Trelleborg in Skåne. Of course, our online store reaches customers in every corner of the Nordics.

Some interesting facts about our furry customers 

  • The most common breed among Musti dog customers is a labrador retriever, landing at #1 position in both Finland and Sweden (but slightly less common in Norway)
  • The most popular pet names by country are
    • “Luna” in Finland
    • “Molly” in Sweden
    • “Luna” also in Norway

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